BAK Revolver X4 Review

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BAK Industries is a household name when it comes to innovative aluminum and composite truck bed covers. The company, which got its start more than three decades ago, accommodates consumers whether they need hard folding or retractable covers. If you are looking to purchase a tonneau cover, BAK Industries is an excellent place to start.

One of their best sellers is the BAK Revolver X4. In this BAK Revolver X4 review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this truck bed cover.

What Is the BAK Revolver X4?

BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 79329 | Fits 2015-20 Ford F150 5'6" Bed

The BAK Revolver X4 is a premium hard rolling cover that takes inspiration from the Revolver X2 and elaborates on it. It features heavy-duty aluminum paneling that secures the entire length of the bed. Other upgrades include:

  • Premium matte finish 

  • Five-year warranty

  • Automatic latching system

  • Patented rotational locking rails for maximum security

Despite weighing in at 92 pounds, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. The cover easily rolls down and up across the bed. Plus, there is no need for a drill when it comes to installation, so that even less technically inclined people can put it into place. 

BAK Revolver X4’s Best Features


According to BAK X4 review comments, the best feature of this bed cover is how intuitive it is. There’s no Velcro, no snaps, and no drills. These aspects are no accident. It is a testament to outstanding design. 

The overall ease of use is something to behold. You can operate it with a single hand, thanks to the pull cable release. This feature is available on either side of the bed. There are also automatic slam latches that secure it at the rear. 


The X4’s design may make it a consumer favorite, but its premium materials are what make it a worthy investment. The aluminum panel provides structure and security, regardless of the elements. Plus, the heavy-duty locking levers are three times thicker than the Revolver X2 and come with reinforced gussets. 

The canvas is industrial-grade vinyl and comes with a slick matte finish. This composition makes it a snap to clean, in case of snow or mud splattering. The tonneau cover also comes with a five-year limited warranty.  


Security is one of the primary reasons people purchase a tonneau cover in the first place. It keeps the truck bed clean, and it keeps thieves out. The rotational locking rails provide BAK Revolver X4 users a new level of peace of mind. 

The rails automatically engage with the aluminum slates on the cover. This connection provides a seamless integration that keeps out people and weather alike. The locking tailgate adds an extra layer of security to the truck bed, too.

BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 79329 | Fits 2015-20 Ford F150 5'6" Bed

What We Liked About the BAK Revolver X4

  • Watertight sealing
  • Sleek matte finish
  • Sturdy aluminum paneling
  • Easy installation, even for one person

What We Didn’t Like About the BAK Revolver X4

  • The locking mechanism can be fickle
  • May scratch the top of the tailgate

Who Is the BAK Revolver X4 for?

People who loved the BAK Revolver X2 will be pleasantly surprised to see the evolution of the model. The Revolver X4 combines unparalleled strength and security, in addition to a handy selection of new features. The automatic latching system and rotational locking rails are innovations that make the re-investment worthwhile.

For those new to BAK, this model is great for anyone who needs a little extra security for their cargo.

How to Install the BAK Revolver X4

You can find a complete overview of the installation process on the BAK Industries website. They recommend a 9/16 wrench or sock, as well as a 1/2 wrench or socket. Additional parts and tools include: 

  • 1 pair of rails

  • Roll-top assemble

  • Bulkhead seals (1 x ¼” and 1 x ¾” thick or 1 x ¼” and 1 x ¼” thick)

  • 6 clamps

  • 2 strap assembly clamps

  • 4 D shaped cab bumpers

  • 4 mounting bolts

  • 4 rubber washers

  • 4 large flat washers

  • 4 lock nuts

Step 1: Install the bulkhead seal to the top of the bulkhead. Use a ¼” seal if there is a bed liner. Otherwise, use a ¾” seal. 

Step 2: Align the slotted bracket with the rail towards the front of the vehicle. Remove foam pads, if necessary.

Step 3: Position the squarely clamp within a foot of the front end of the rail. Make sure the clamp is in the rail with the teeth engaged in the rib.

Step 4: Apply downward pressure until rail sets are flush.

Step 5: Place the second clamp near the middle of the rail. Make sure the rear clamp is as close to the tailgate as possible. Check that clamps are tight at ten ft/lbs of torque.

Step 6: Once the rails are in place, rest the roll top on the rails. Roll it forward until fully open and discard the packaging.

Step 7: Fold the cover back and insert the mounting at the front cab. Repeat on the other side and close the cover back. Check that the roll-top unrolls properly.

Step 8: Install the mounting hardware loosely under the slotted bracket on the rail.

Step 9: Align the front vinyl edge of the cover with the front side of the rail. The vinyl edges should align squarely with all four corners.

Step 10: Tighten the nylon locknuts.

Step 11: Mount the strap clamp assembly as far to the front as possible and tighten on both sides. 

Step 12: Roll the BAK Revolver X4 up to the aluminum underside. Use straps to secure it. 


That wraps up our Revolver X4 review. It's easy to see why so many truck owners love the all-around value of this truck bed cover. The product manages to pull off heavy-duty security while also being little enough for single-hand operation. The cover can even hold up to 400 pounds of weight evenly spread across the top. Those looking for a modern and easy-to-use tonneau cover need not look any further than the Revolver X4. 

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