Bakflip MX4 Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Innovations have always been implemented on just about any product out there. That includes truck bed covers. Tonneau bed covers are aftermarket kits designed to cover your truck bed to keep it dry and keep the contents of your truck bed secured inside.

If you are on the lookout for a good truck bed cover to accommodate your needs, the Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover might be the one for you. The Bakflip MX4 created by BAK Industries is an innovative truck bed cover with an efficient and highly functional Quad-fold system. It has all the necessary features of a truck bed cover. If so, then what does the Bakflip MX4 has that would make it stand out and worth the buy. Let's find out in this review of the Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover. 

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Bakflip MX4 Review

BAKFlip MX4  Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 448207 | fits 2009-19 Dodge Ram W/O Ram Box 5' 7" bed
Quality 8/10
Features: 8/10
Durability: 7.5/10
Ease of Use: 10/10
Functionality: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10


BAK Industries is the creator of the BAKflip, the Revolver rolling series, the Vortrack retractable cover and the Rack integrated BakFlip Contractor series. Each product of BAK Industries serve different needs, but all share a common hallmark of BAK industries, Reliability, Durability and quality. BAK Industries is a member of Truck Hero Inc. A family of brands that is a market leading company known for its quality engineering and innovation.

The BAK Industries Bakflip MX4 truck bed cover offers a new innovative way to use a truck bed cover, with its quad-fold or trifold design(depending on your bed size), integrated buckle system, automatic latching panels and made with aircraft grade aluminum Matte finish that is designed for everyday use in extreme conditions.

Its main feature is its ease of use, making it one of the most user-friendly tonneau cover out there. The Bakflip MX4 truck bed cover features a quad-flip or trifold(depending on your bed size) design combined with its lightweight, durable aluminum making it great for all kinds of truck owners and drivers.

Summary of Key Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum matte finish for scratch and UV-resistant
  • Light but durable Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Upgraded injection-molded latch housing components for added durability
  • Automatic latching panels
  • Enhanced premium density foam core
  • Designed for everyday use or in extreme conditions like rain, snow, sun or more
  • Easy to operate from either side and allows 100% truck bed access
  • Secure place to store items to prevent theft
  • Integrated tailgate seal: tailgate can close with the cover up or down
  • Flush mount: Built to fit inside for a stylish, sleek and low-profile look(Better MPG!)
  • Rated for up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Easy installation: No drilling or modifications needed
  • Integrated buckle system secures cover in folded position: no need for straps or bungee cords
  • Prop rods secure cover in flipped up position allowing for 100% unobstructed truck bed access
  • Made in the USA
  • BAK BOX 2 compatible

Things We Liked

  • Easy installation
  • Quad-fold design
  • Low profile design
  • Folds light enough with one hand
  • Simple pull cable release
  • Scratch resistance
  • UV-resistance
  • Durability
  • Integrated tailgate seal
  • 3rd brake light visibility
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Things We didn't Like

  • Company’s Quality control during shipment. Some users complained having received the product with dents and other similar issues.

Target Customer

The Bakflip MX4 truck bed cover is made for truck owners that are always on the go. It’s durable aircraft grade aluminum can stand up to just about any outdoor element you can think of, enabling you to go just about anywhere you want without having to worry about your truck bed while the Outer rail seals made of EPDM Rubber keeps your truck bed dry. Its built for security allowing you to keep your items in your truck bed safe and locked away. Its minimalist design is perfect for all types of trucks allowing for easy clean and maintenance.

The Bakflip MX4 easy clamp-on installation system allows you to install it on your truck without the need for drilling or modifications. It’s lightweight yet durable material even lets you install it on your own in less than an hour. The Bakflip MX4 can fit any Ford, Ram, Chevy, Toyota etc.

Key Features/Benefits Explained


The quad-fold or trifold design of the Bakflip MX4 allows the user partial bed access or full truck bed access that will enable you to open the cover as much or as little as you want, depending on the size of cargo you need to put inside. The integrated buckle system on the first, second and third partial fold secures the cover in place without the need for straps or bungee. It includes a safety strap in the end when fully folded, with prop rods that secure it in place for 100% full unobstructed truck bed access but at the same time also gives you visibility over the third brake light adding more security as you drive. The simple pull cable release hidden underneath the cover allows you to fold the cover from either the passenger or driver side with ease.

Installation system

The Bakflip MX4 features a clamp-on installation system that allows quick and easy installation, that securely clamps into place on the railings without the need for drilling, modification or even a second set of hands. Its lightweight and ease of use allows you to install the Bakflip MX4 on your own in minutes.

Integrated tailgate seal

The Integrated tailgate seal design allows you to open and close the tailgate instantly without the need to adjust the cover up or down every time you need access to your truck bed. A quick feature of the Bakflip MX4.

Secure, Durable, and Safe

The Bakflip MX4 is made out of light but durable aircraft grade aluminum that’s durable and offers a secure fit onto the tailgate that provides great security against theft. It’s hard cover panel prevents anyone from taking a peek inside your truck bed providing a safe place to store items inside. The Bakflip MX4 is capable of holding up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight.

Premium Resistant Quality Design

The aluminum aircraft grade panels feature a matte finish look that provides an advanced scratch resistant and UV-resistance. The Bakflip MX4  outer rail seals are made of EPDM rubber. EPDM exhibits outstanding resistance to heat, ozone, steam, and weather, It is an electrical insulator and provides for maximum water resistance. Its sleek and clean design allows for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.


Positive Reviews

No more worries when closing the tailgate

Easy installation even for a single person

Low profile design for quick cleaning and care for the maintenance

Negative Reviews

Some scratches on the cover due to poor quality control during shipment


What truck beds can the Bakflip MX4 fit?

Almost any. The variations can be chosen from where you buy.

Do I have to adjust the cover every time I open the tailgate?

You do not need to adjust the cover when opening the or closing the tailgate. The Bakflip MX4 has an integrated Tailgate Seal feature that allows you to close the tailgate with the cover up or down.

Can you haul large items that are needed to stick out on the end with this product?

The Bakflip MX4 with its Quad-fold feature allows you to partially open or fully open the cover giving you more access to the truck bed, and more room to put items inside.

How long does it take to install?

The Bakflip MX4 allows you to install the cover without the need to drill or modify the anything, a simple clamp system that attaches to your trucks railing holds the cover securely in place.

Does the Bakflip MX4 come with a different design or color?

The Bakflip MX4 only comes with a black matte finish minimalist clean design.

Does the Bakflip MX4 come with a manual lock for the tailgate?

The quad-fold design has four sections where each section has an integrated buckle system. Each panel automatically locks each part in place at each fold. There is no manual lock, and rather your own tailgate will lock it in place when properly closed.

Does this have automatic prop rods?

Bakflip MX4 does not have the automatic adjustable prop rods.

What is the warranty on this product?

BAK Industries covers the Bakflip MX4 folding tonneau cover with a three-year limited warranty against workmanship and material defects from the date of acquisition by the original procurer.

What do you use to clean the cover?

Only use a standard automotive soap and a soft sponge or cloth for washing. Wax is NOT recommended. Do NOT use any harsh abrasives or cleaners.

How about maintenance?

Constantly check the cover from time to time. Re-adjust if necessary especially if the cover is constantly subjected to high-frequency vibrations caused from the constant impact on rough roads. Make sure to remove and clean any excess grime and dirt. Lubricate the latches from time to time to ensure they move freely for proper performance and optimum security.


The Bakflip MX4 Truck bed cover quad-fold design definitely scores high in ease of usability. Even without the use of tools, the Bakflip MX4 still allows you to partially or fully open the cover for full truck bed access while the integrated buckle system secures each panel in place at each fold. Its outer rail seals that are made with EPDM rubber does the job of keeping your truck bed dry during the rainy season. As for security, the Bakflip MX4 hard folding panels has a tight fit over and around your truck bed as well as on the tailgate. Keeping your valuables secured inside and keeping you at ease.

The integrated tailgate seal design allows the user to open and close the tailgate without the need to adjust the cover whether its open up or closed down. Its durable design can handle just about any extreme conditions like rainfall or even snow.

Although a few users had experienced some problems with regards to the Bakflip MX4 like dents and other similar cases. The problem is mostly due to the company’s quality control during shipment.

Overall the Bakflip MX4 is definitely worth the buy. It’s super easy to install and leaves no damages when trying to remove the product and requires no drilling or modifications during installation. Its durable and secure design ensure ease during cleaning or maintenance. The aluminum black Matte finish protects it from scratch and UV-light, but we wish there were more variety in the design. It does its job as any truck bed cover, but what makes it shine is in how easy it is to install and use combined with its many other features that any truck driver or owner would really appreciate. You can never go wrong with the Bakflip MX4.

With that, we recommend the Bakflip MX4 for your truck bed cover needs.

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