Best Spare Tire Bike Racks of 2021

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There are some scenarios where your immediate environment wouldn’t fit your peculiar biking needs. In those moments, the need to move your bike from one place to the other often arises. And that is what moves a lot people into active search for the best spare tire bike racks.

Besides, there are people that are precisely interested in mountain biking or long rage outdoor cycling. Obviously, getting your place of interest requires a careful and safe move of your bike.

The main thing here is that using your normal vehicle to move a bike could cause some expensive damages. To avoid such damages, making a commitment to buy spare tire bike rack online could save you an interesting amount of money. Saving money aside, we’ll also bring you an interesting array of top rated spare tire bike racks with different features. Read our review of best bike racks.

Best Spare Tire Bike Rack Buying Guide

While this type of product may not require elaborate buying guide, there are some important factors to consider before click that order button. Assuming you’ve been using spare tire bike rack for a long time now, you may want to skip this step now. Now here are those specific points to check on the product sales page so you know exactly what you are bargaining for.

Carrying Capacity

When it comes to the capacity for carrying bikes, most racks differ from one another. Specifically, the core difference is the number of bikes the rack can carry perfectly at a time. For example, if you are more interested in biking adventure with your partner, endeavor to buy spare tire bike rack that can carry at least bikes. In the case that you’ll be travelling on two bike rack, make sure that it has anti sway cradle to prevent frictional jams.

Bike Rack Installation

Regarding installation, it may seem like a no brainer for many past users. But if that is not you, try to find a guide from the manufacturer website or other sources like Youtube. Unfortunately, if you get this installation part really wrong you may experience a slight damage of your spare tire.

Unlike the roof, this type is far easier to install when compared to roof rack plus.

Load Capacity

This refers to the weight of bikes that a certain rack can carry at a time. Endeavor to check this out before making purchase. Obviously, every complete sales page ought to have this information clearly spelt out. Take note of the maximum weight that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Security System

Whether you are buying for a long cycling adventure or not, don’t skip the security part. First is to consider whether it is foldable or not. Then check if the bike you want to buy has locking cables. With regard to the locking system, I notice that some vendors sell their cables separately. This often leads to glaring price differences. But the price isn’t that much.

Best Spare Tire Bike Rack Comparison

Beside the ones mentioned above, there are some other factors you may want to consider. However, going through this buyer guide will help you to make faster comparison. While reading down the lines, you can spot the differences as well. For people that have been interested in where to buy spare tire bike rack online, note that the product links contained leads directly to Amazon.

Thule Spare Tire Bike Rack (Spare Me 963PRO)

Based on my research findings and interaction with past users, this is one of the best bike rack brands in the market today. For people that have been into cycling for some time, this brand name is likely to be very familiar. With the anti sway cages, Thule spare tire bike rack can hold up to two bikes tightly well for long cycling adventures.

To make this work really, it has two stay put cradles which helps to prevent the bike from swaying and hitting sensitive part of your car. Remember what I said earlier about security, this one comes with integrated locking cable and locking knob which makes it possible to secure your bike when needed.

When Thule 963PRO is not in use, you can fold it easily and keep for another day. The load carrying capacity is about 75 lbs.

Probably for present or future needs, all of the accessories and parts for this spare tire rack can be found on Thule website. Regarding size and fitting into your spare tire, you may want to ask more questions to find out the exact one that will the type of car you have. Based on confirmations from past users, this product has been proven to work well with wrangler.

To use this rack for sizable mountain bikes you may need a top tube adapter bar. For people intending to buy spare tire bike rack under $300, here is one good option you should check out.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Rack

With a proven capacity to carry two bikes around 75 lbs weight, Allen Sports Deluxe is another great product that can fulfill that exact need you have right now. In comparative terms, this one is attractively more affordable than many other competing models from different brands. With all the strong features that deliver seamless transportation experience, you can still find this bike rack under $100.

As for the weight of the carrier, It stands at 9.6 lbs. And that makes it very easy to install within minutes. In fact one of the past buyers stated that he had it all set up in less than five minutes.

Among some of the things that set this rack apart are the patented tie-down cradles. Please note that at the point of installation, you take check how the whole set fits with your rear visibility. Before ordering, you may want to check the manufacturer website for a list of compatible cars.

By going to their website, you are likely to get other relevant information regarding size of spare tires as well as installation guide.

Yakima SpareRide Bike Rack  

With a strong steel construction, Yakima SpareRide is one of those few racks that were built to provide both utility and security. Throughout their marketing materials and product page, you’ll notice a strong emphasis on security and protection of both your bike and spare tire. However, the sturdy and durable nature made it a bit more expensive than others.

This emphasis on protection can be experienced through the premium SuperCush cradles. In addition to that, you’ll also get TireTread pads for maximum stability while in use. For people that have really rough trails in mind, Yakima SpareRide bike rack could be the best option for the job.

Moreover, the New ZipStrips securing your bike to the rack with ease happens smoothly. The dimension on this carrier stands at 40’’ W x 13’’ H 19’’ while the weight about 21 pounds.

Another interesting this is the anti sway cradle that helps to minimize contact between your bikes. Consequently, this reduces the possibility of damage.

Like the other bike rack reviewed above, this one was also built to carry two bikes conveniently at a time.

In bad weather conditions, you may consider using a spare tire cover before going into full drive for your journey. If you have owned the older models from this brand, this one could be a real upgrade for you. Following the statements from other users, this is the rack that fits a wider range of vehicles and spare tire sizes.

Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Bike Rack 

Sturdy and durable design, that’s the very first impression you are likely to have about this spare tire bike rack. With uncomplicated clamping system and strong straps, this one seems preferably easy to install. And it has highly adjustable feature that makes it easy to fit into most rear spare tires.

Here is one of the best spare tire bike racks that come fully assembled. And you can fold it up as comfortably for storage when you are not using it.

Originally, Hollywood SR1 was built to carry two bikes at a time. Another impressive thing is the safety strap that comes with it.

On this rack, you’ll find that the cradle was made of rubber. This ensures that your bike or even your car won’t get scratches. This is an interesting feature built with rough trails in mind. So if you are the type that enjoys mountain bike adventures a lot, you’ll find this very useful when transporting your bike.

In terms of load capacity, this rack can only carry 75 pounds weight. And you need to keep a little distance between the exhaust pipe and bike tire.

Please note that this rack compatibility is not necessarily dependent on year or model of vehicle.

From manufacturing tests and user experiences, it was confirmed to fit well with a variety of spare tire types and sizes, including jeep wrangler. Practically, Hollywood SR1 can fit both side mounted and centered spare tires. Unlike some others, this one doesn’t have built in locking system. So for security purposes, you have to use cable and a lock.

For people that have women bikes in mind, you may want to get a support bar that is sold separately. In that sense, you can be sure it works for both men and women bikes.

One thing you shouldn’t forget to do is to test fully after arrival. If the need for replacement arises, you can do that promptly with the allowed duration. Don’t just buy Hollywood SR1 spare tire rack and keep for future trip.

Surco BT300 Spare Tire Bike Rack 

Are interested specifically in 3 bike spare tire rack, Surco BT300 is one great example to consider. While it was built to fit a wide variety of tire vehicles and tire sizes, you may want to check the application guidelines in their website for more detailed information.

By using a heavy duty mounting plate, this rack attaches perfectly varying spare tire types. Once again, assuming you have women bikes in mind, consider getting cross bar adaptor tube.

At 18 lbs weight, it seems to be one of the lightest racks in the list. And that makes it very easy to install. No complications at all. Dimension is about 43 x 14 x 6.

For people who care a lot about manufacturing location, this Surco spare tire bike rack was made in the US.

To prevent undesirable scratches, it comes with a padded channel that keeps your car and the bikes scratch free. This feature also comes handy when you hit the road to your hobby zone. And yes it will fit your CRV and wranglers alike. On the other hand, using your Surco BT300 for children also works well.

Saris Freedom Spare Tire Rack

First of all, this rack was built to carry two bikes only. So if you have 3 or 4 bike rack in mind, this isn’t for you. However, in terms of usability you can adjust Saris Freedom rack to the left right or center. Making these options took into account the differences in spare tires and vehicle where this rack could be used.

It is one of the best spare tire bike racks made in USA. So you are very sure of getting high quality. The dimension is 8’’ x 48’’ x 13 while the weight stands at 27.2 lbs. Consequently, it is a bit bulky and heavier than Allen Sports Premier and Rhino Rack RBC025.

In order to get seamless installation experience, please consider getting an extra hand.

For most mountain bikers, you are bound to meet bumpy roads while transporting your bike. However, in such occasions a rugged rack like Saris Freedom is what you need. The ratcheting straps provides bike safety and stability while you driving out for your adventure.

On the steel iron hose, you’ll find protective rubber holder that holds everything firmly in their place while preventing scratches. This also ensures maximum protection of your bike or carbon frame.

Based on my researches, around 78% of past buyers and users found great satisfaction from this rack.

In case you have the need to open your tailgate while a bike is mounted, you don’t have to take down the bike. For a complete list of compatible spare tires, vehicles and sizes, try checking out the manufacturer website directly. The only downside that turns off many is the price which is a bit more expensive above $200. Perhaps, if you choose this eventually, don’t forget to test out everything immediately after arrival.

Spare Tire Bike Rack Purchase Questions

What are the benefits of using spare tire bike rack?

Driving through rough trails is not always smooth. Because of this reason, putting up your bike without a rack could lead to preventable damage of either your bike of your vehicle. So a typical spare tire bike rack will help to protect both your car as well as the bike itself. Think about protection, stability and security you’ll get from it.

What type of rack is best for my car?

The core differentiator among them is how the rack can be mounted. For example, there are some that are meant specifically for vehicles with spare tire such as the spare tire bike rack reviews you’ve seen above. On the other hand, there are some other hitch mounted racks you can find in the market. Each manufacturer also provides compatibility information on their website.

Another thing that is worth considering is the number of bikes that each rack can carry as well as the load capacity. Further research will also reveal availability of 3 – 4 bike racks from different brands.

Is there a rack for men and women bikes?

Yes, there are some works perfectly well for both men and women bikes. This is likely to be indicated on the product page. In some cases, you may need some bike rack accessories like the cross bar adaptor. Besides, most of the best bike racks are adjustable.

How long does bike racks last?

There is no standard life span across board. Try getting accurate information from the manufacturer website or asking questions on the product page wherever it is being sold.

Where can I buy spare tire bike rack?

All of the spare tire bike rack reviews you see lead directly to Amazon. From you there, you can order anyone that falls within your budget. Typical price range is between $60 and $300. Moreover, you’ll find almost every other bike rack brands represented.


From this collection of the best spare tire bike racks, you don’t have to move from one page to another to find one that is within your budget. That aside, almost all of the features you had in mind are very much likely to be represented here. And I have given you the top considerations to think through.

From Thule to Yakima, Allen Sports and Surco you are sure of finding what you need.

First you have to decide how many bikes that needs transportation from your base to the location you have in mind. When deciding on that, check the loading capacity too. Finally, from the links contained in this post, you’ll also discover some of the most important bike rack accessories.