Top 5 Best Tonneau Covers For F-150 and How To Choose The Right One [2021 Updated]

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Pickup trucks are the best options for transporting cargo. They are both tough and can navigate tough terrain. When in transit, hostile weather such as rain or snow can dampen your cargo leaving it damaged. Your truck, therefore, needs a good cover to prevent damage to your cargo and help your truck maintain fuel efficiency, which will save you several thousands of dollars.  This is where tonneau covers come in. 

In this article, I am going to focus more on best tonneau covers for the Ford F-150 model of pickup trucks. The market is filled with numerous sellers of tonneau covers with varying prices so I will highlight the best choices for you to choose.

Reviews of Best Tonneau Covers for F150

In this list, I am going to give details of the best tonneau cover that you can buy for your F-150 and be sure it will serve you the purpose. I am going to review the following tonneau covers. Afterwards you may read the types of covers and how to choose the best tonneau cover for  f150.

  1. BAK Bakflip F1
  2. Tyger Auto TG-BC1F9022
  3. Gator Soft Tri-Fold
  4. Tyger Auto TG-BC3F1020
  5. Prime Choice Auto Parts TC403323

1. BAK Bakflip F1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 772309 | fits 2004-14 Ford F150 5' 6" bed

This is a folding tonneau cover constructed by the Bak Industries, one of the best makers of tonneau covers in the world right now. It is for 5’5 sized Ford F150 trucks. It is made from fiberglass reinforced polymer and has an aluminum underside. This makes them incredibly strong compared to other covers. The core is built from high-density EPS which means it is not affected by temperature and can withstand the bad weather for years.

With this cover, you can get access to the entire truck bed without having to entirely remove the cover. You just fold the cover open and haul your cargo and you are good to go. The cover is UV resistant so it protects your cargo from excess sunlight.

Installation of this cover is very easy. It will take you only three minutes if you do it correctly. This cover is suitable for those who need regular access to their cargo while in transit. It is a good value for your money so buy it if you love the quality.

Although we have not listed here, Bakflip MX4 is worth to mention for F150 owners. You can read full review of Bakflip MX4 Here.

2. Tyger Auto TG-BC1F9022

Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover TG-BC1F9029 works with 2015-2019 Ford F-150 | Styleside 5.5' Bed

It is a roll-up tonneau cover made by from 24oz marine grade vinyl and heavy-duty aluminum. It has built-in horizontal crossbars that offer support when the cover is lying flat so that you have the best access to your cargo.

This cover provides easy access to your cargo when you roll it up. It is also optimized for the security of your cargo with a latch lock system at the tailgate. Installation is easy and needs no drilling to be done. However, you need to cut small holes in order to secure the clamps. This cover can work with Bedrail bed liner without additional modification.

The downside of this tonneau cover is that it is only available for 5’5 sized Ford F150’s. You may need to opt for another cover if your trunk bed size is larger than this

3. Gator Soft Tri-Fold 

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 59313 | 2015 - 2019 Ford F150 6.5' | MADE IN THE USA

The Gator Soft Tri-fold Tonneau cover is an easy to use folding type made for 5'5 sized Ford F150's. It is made of heavy-duty tear-resistant vinyl which provides protects your cargo from dust, rain, and snow. 

It has fastening buckles to prevent it from opening while you are in transit, therefore, making sure that your goods do not fall out of the truck or get stolen. This tonneau cover is easily installed by adjusting a quick latch that comes with it.

This is a good budget option but it is not very safe for your goods. Also, the installation can take up to 10 minutes if you are new to the latch system.

4. Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover 

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover TG-BC3F1019 Works with 2009-2014 Ford F-150 (Excl. Raptor Series) | Styleside 5.5' Bed | for Models Without Utility Track System

Tyger Covers is one of the top brands in making tonneau covers so it is not surprising that they have another product in this list. This is a folding tonneau cover made from 24oz marine grade vinyl, heavy-duty aluminum powder coated frames and stainless steel clamps that ease your installation. It is available in three sizes namely 5'5, 6'5 and 8'5.

It has pre-assembled horizontal crossbars that offer support so that you can have full access to your cargo while its open. Installation is quite easy as you will not need drilling to do it. However, for vehicles with Bedrail bed liner, small holes will be made to secure the clamps.

For those who want the security of their cargo, this is not the best option for you. It is, however, a good buy and its price would not hurt your bank account.

5. Prime Choice Auto Parts Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Prime Choice Auto Parts TC403311 Tri Fold Soft Tonneau Cover

This is a folding type of tonneau cover sold by Prime Choice Auto Parts. It is made of Premium grade vinyl with tough quality stitching. It is made to be durable and endure the tough weather that your Ford F150 comes across. If you want a relatively cheap folding tonneau cover for your Ford F150, then this is a good choice.

The folding tonneau is designed to give you easy access to your truck bed. Installation is very simple and you will have it up within a few minutes.

This is a good budget buy but if you prioritize on security, you better chose other tonneau covers.

What Type of Tonneau Cover Do You Need For F150?

Well, the type of tonneau cover you need depends on the type of cargo you need to transport. In this case, specifically, you will need tonneau cover that is made for the Ford F-150 model. Getting the right one means convenience in the part it will play while protecting your cargo from extreme weather and other perennial problems that face truck owners;

  • Theft of Cargo
  • Dirt and other debris
  • Cargo flying out of your truck while on transit

There are several types of tonneau covers available for the Ford F-150. Your decision to choose any of them should be based on the need you have. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let us go ahead and look at each type in details.

In addition to tonneau covers, an iboard running board could be a nice addition to your truck. Here you can find reviews of iboard running boards. 

Types of Tonneau Covers for F150

1. Folding Tonneau Cover

tonneu cover reviews

This is the most popular Tonneau cover that is available in the market right now. Every two in three Ford F-150 that has tonneau cover has this type. The tonneau covers folds allowing you to access the truck bed. Some of its benefits include:

  • Easy access to your cargo
  • Allows you to use most of your truck bed

We have covered one of the most popular Hard folding tonneau covers, The Extang Solid fold 2.0,  in our in depth review.

2. Hinged Tonneu Covers

Best tonneu covers f150

This is a type of tonneau cover that is made of ABS plastic or fiberglass material. It is made of hinges and you just use your wrist to open it. Some of the advantages of tonneau covers include

  • They are easy to open
  • You can easily get a paint job while they are on
  • They can withstand large loads of cargo
  • Offer extra security against extreme weather

It also has some disadvantages, which include:

  • Easy to open means that your cargo can be easily stolen
  • If you need to haul large cargo, you will need to open it entirely

3. Roll Up Tonneau Covers

A roll-up tonneau cover rolls itself just the way you roll a mat in order to open. Its main benefits include:

  • Cost is lower than retractable covers
  • Allows you to have partial access to your cargo

Its advantages include:

  • Not so secure compared to retractable tonneau covers
  • It is time-consuming to fully open and close this type of cover

4. Retractable Tonneau Covers

Tonneu covers review f150

A retractable tonneau cover works in the same way as a roll-up cover but the technique used to achieve this is different. It retracts itself at the bulkhead of the truck.

With this type, you experience the following benefits:

  • You only expose the cargo you want to use
  • It allows you to carry oversized cargo and awkwardly shaped cargo

However, it has some disadvantages in that:

  • Very costly compared to all types of covers

The Guide to Buying A Good Tonneau Cover For F150

As I stated earlier, there are a lot of tonneau covers for you to chose from out there. How do you know what suits you? Well if you want to make a good purchase decision for your Ford F150, you can consult the guide below.

Does Your Truck Have A bed liner

You should consider this before buying a tonneau cover. A bed liner sits under the bed rails to offer protection to the truck bed. Installation with a bed liner is often complicated so you should check whether the cover you are purchasing is compatible with a bed liner.

What is Your Budget and Function For The Cover

If you do not want to spend too much on a tonneau cover, you could go for a simple functional folding cover. That is if you will be transporting lightweight cargo. Find a soft and easily usable cover that is easily opened. If you want to transport cargo that is a little sensitive, go for an expensive retractable cover which it can provide additional security and endure the tough weather.

What Kind Of Weather Does Your Truck Face

If you reside in a sunny environment, you should buy a cover that is UV resistant to provide protection from excess sunlight to your cargo. You do not need such a cover if you are in a place where it snows frequently.


If you want to buy a tonneau cover, you are advised to know what your need for it is so that you can purchase what is right for you. Tonneau covers are of average price in the contemporary market and they are available in online stores and your nearest car dealer.

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