iBoard Running Boards Review


Currently, you might be searching for a running board for your vehicle. However, do you know the best and where to find them? If not then you are reading the right review. First, I had the opportunity to purchase an iBoard running board for my F150 and to my wifes RAM. Surely it was of high quality than the previous running boards I have purchased.

Why would you ever need of iboard running boards?

Here is the answer;

For safe footing and excellent appearance of your truck/SUV, an iboard that suits your vehicle will be a perfect match.

Reviews of the Best iBoard Running Boards

The following are the best iBoard running boards that you need to know about. They include:

1. APS Premium 4” Black iBoard Running Boards

The APS premium 4” black iBoard is fitted in GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. This iBoard is manufactured by Auto Parts Specialist. A leading manufacturer of vehicle parts. It is located in the United States of America in Ontario, California. This iBoard is sold in pairs.


  • Installation of this iBoard is simple. This is because apart from the pair of iBoards, the package comes with mounting brackets and hardware that simplifies the installation process.
  • The iBoard has a UV resistant Non-slip rubber.
  • Has a large four-inch bar. This offers a broader footstep area for safe stability.
  • This iBoard is corrosive and rust resistant. Because it is made aluminum.
  • Has a six-month warranty


  • The stamping of the brackets of this iBoard is poor.
  • The finish of this iBoard is not up to standard


  • Its brand is APS
  • The item weighs approximately 38 lbs.
  • The dimension of this iBoards when you purchase is 82.2” x 13.4” x 6.5”


For you, this is the best for your vehicle more especially if you own a 2007-2018 GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado double or extended cab. You should purchase this iBoard it has a wider area that ensures you a safe footing. This iBoard is also affordable.

2.APS Premium 6” iBoard Running Boards

Sold in pairs this six-inch APS premium iBoard is one of the best in the market currently. If you have a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado then this iBoard fits well with it. Don’t mind of the category because it fits well with 1,500, 2,500, and 3,500 categories of Sierra and Silverado double and extended cab.


  • Its coated with aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • For safe footing, this iBoard is made of UV resistant rubber and anti-slip protector.
  • Simple to fit. When you purchase it comes with necessary tools that will help you while installing.
  • This iBoard is 6” wide and it is strong.
  • It has elevated ends that also act as mud protectors.
  • Has a 6-month warranty


This iBoard currently doesn’t have any disadvantage.


  • Its brand is APS.
  • It weighs 46 lbs
  • The dimension of this iBoards is 81”x14”x5.4”


You need the best and long-lasting iBoard for your vehicle. This iBoard is a great deal for you if you own a 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra double cab of any category. In comparison to other iBoards , this has mud protectors which is a good feature for your car. In addition, it is made of rubber that increases friction hence reduces the probability of you to slip.

3.APS Wheel to Wheel iBoard 6”

Like the above iBoards, this too is made by APS. It is black in color. Apart from the six-inch W2W, there are also similar iBoards but of different sizes like you can find a 4” and 5” W2W APS iBoard. Furthermore, if you have a 2017-2018 model of Ford F-250 and F-350 then this iBoard is a good pick for you.


  • The iBoard is 6” wide hence providing a wider stepping area for safe stepping
  • Built of aircraft grade aluminum. Therefore, its durable, corrosion resistant, and robust.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Has anti-slip protection which provides maximum friction.


  • The surface contains rubber and plastic. But the manufacturer said that it doesn’t contain plastic.
  • The adjustment is limited due to steel supports. Hence, you cannot adjust them back and forth effortlessly.
  • They rust a little. In addition, the hardware used is mild steel zinc alloy. This alloy tends to rust quickly.
  • They are cheap hence don’t expect them to last longer.
  • The paints peel off after some few months averagely 6 months.


  • Its light and robust
  • Made by APS
  • High-quality iBoard


The technology used to manufacture this iBoard is unique. In addition, it is more affordable and has a good appearance when you mount it on your car.

4.APS Premium iBoard Running Boards (Nerf Bars| Side Steps| Step Bars)

Silver in color this iBoard is one of the preferred running board by buyers. This iBoard is specifically built for a 2009-2018 model of Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab pickup and 2010-2018 model of Dodge Ram 2,500 & 3,500. In addition, you are able to find the size of your choice. For example, 4”, 5”, and 6”.


  • Its design is unique hence provides you with an attractive appearance.
  • The running board is wide.
  • It’s robust because it’s made from aluminum aircraft grade 6061-T6
  • Very simple to mount.
  • The anti-slip protection and rubber ensure safe footing.


  • It rusts after some few months
  • They don’t last long
  • The mounting brackets and hardware are not the same you see them in pictures.
  • You are required to drill some holes which is troublesome when fitting.


  • Made from aluminum aircraft grade 6061-T6
  • Its coated with Matte Black powder
  • It weighs 20.9 kilograms
  • Its package dimension is 89”x13.1”x6.6”


When you buy this iBoard for your Ram 1500-2500-3500 you will not regret. it fits well and the appearance is wow. However, you have to look for a credible seller so as to purchase the genuine iBoard.

What do Customers Say About iBoards?

The APS Wheel to Wheel iBoard 6” has a customer review rating of 4.5 in Amazon. Many customers recommend this iBoard because it is easy to install, it is a worthy product, and valuable. However, Some people have different opinions about the iBoards . They say that when mounting they had to drill holes in order to fit the iBoard. However, this iBoard has more positive customer reviews which show that many customers like the product.

Furthermore, the APS Premium 4” Black iBoard running board has a customer review of 4.5 rating out of 5. More than 84% of customers liked this iBoard. One of the customers who recommended this iBoard said that they have a nice appearance and they perform accordingly. Another customer said that this iBoard is very easy to install. One of the customers who weren’t satisfied with this product said that it has a poor finishing.

Many customers like iBoards and most of them have high percentages of positive reviews than the negative reviews. So, if you need to purchase one know they are the best.

FAQ’s and Additional Tips About iBoards

By searching on the internet, you are able to find the best iBoard at a price that suits you. Furthermore, many customers are usually worried about the following things when purchasing an iBoard.

What is the maximum weight supported by an iBoard?

For iBoard, each side step usually holds a maximum of 136 kilograms. In addition, all iBoards are sold in pairs so don’t be duped to buy separate bars.

What material is used to cover the iBoards?

In most cases, iBoards are covered with aluminum and UV resistant non-slip rubber for safe footing.

Where are iBoards manufactured from?

All iBoards are designed by APS but manufactured in China. The price of iBoards usually varies with the type or size.

What is the average Price of IBoards?

Mostly iBoards range between $100 to $300.

Final Verdict

Why do we recommend iBoards?

Because iboards are what you need for safe footing from your pickup/SUV and They are of high quality and stylish.

Happy times.


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