TruXedo Pro X15 Review

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TruXedo rolled out its first roll-up cover in 2000. Since then, the South Dakota-based company has delivered truck owners across the country with the security and coverage their bed needs—and the TruXedo Pro X15 is one of their best sellers.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a tonneau cover, including protection, weather-resistance, gas mileage, and secure transportation. In this TruXedo Pro X15 review, we’ll explore how this truck cover delivers on all the above.

What Is the TruXedo Pro X15?

TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 1497701 | fits 15-20 Ford F-150 5'6" bed

The TruXedo Pro X15 is a premium-grade soft roll-up truck bed cover. It has many of the same features as another of the company’s bestsellers, the Lo Pro, with some extra style and versatility. Like its counterpart, TruXedo backs it up with a lifetime warranty and produces the device in the United States.  

The affordability does mean the TruXedo Pro X15 has some weaknesses, though. For instance, you can’t place objects on or against the cover or its framework. Additionally, the top is not airtight, so you shouldn’t rely on it to protect against theft. 

TruXedo Pro X15’s Best Features


There is no shortage of compliments to give the TruXedo Pro X15. For starters, it has a smooth matte finish that lets it round out the aesthetic of any truck bed. The durable materials also mean you can rest assured that it will look stylish for years to come.  

Another design plus is the intuitiveness of the entire tonneau cover. Even those without technical expertise or a drill can install it in under 30 minutes. The TruXedo Pro X15 mounts to the inside of your truck bed using clamps while providing stake pocket access for additional personalization. 

Once you have it in place, you can take advantage of a wealth of features. That includes, but is not limited to, anodized trigger latches, quick-releases systems, and automatic tension control. TruXedo really went above and beyond with this design to ensure it was convenient to use. 


The woven matte black fabric offers the enviable combination of style and superior-grade durability. It sits completely flush with the truck bed, so there is no interference with the continuity and flow of truck lines. Thanks to the automatic tension control component, you can ensure the cover remains tight, regardless of temperature or weather conditions.

The woven fabric is remarkably easy to wash, too. A mix of mild soap and water will help remove any residual mud, dirt, or dust that kicks up from the road. Plus, the fabric has inherent dirt resistant so that the surface will stay clean for longer. It’s even UV resistant to prevent sun fading.

TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 1497701 | fits 15-20 Ford F-150 5'6" bed

What We Liked About the TruXedo Pro X15

  • Durable matte black fabric
  • Easy to install—no drilling required
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime, no-hassle warranty

What We Didn’t Like About the TruXedo Pro X15

  • Doesn't match the performance of elite brands, like BAK Industries or Pace Edwards
  • Not much of a theft deterrent

Who Is the TruXedo Pro X15 for?

Honestly, the TruXedo is a good fit for anyone with a truck bed. The well-rounded assortment of features and affordable price tag make it a value for casual and professional truck drivers alike. The fact that, according to Truxedo Pro review comments, it is one of the easiest tonneau covers to install is a bonus. 

That simplicity is evident in other areas, too. For instance, the anodized trigger latch will securely lock your cargo into place with the touch of a single finger. Additionally, the quick release system allows you to remove the entire TruXedo Pro X15 in a matter of seconds for access to the whole of the truck bed. 

How to Install the TruXedo Pro X15

Almost everything you need to install the TruXedo Pro X15 comes with the tonneau cover. That includes two side rails and six clamps. TruXedo also requires a ½ inch socket and some water. 

Step 1: Wash the top and upper sides of the bed to remove residual sediment. 

Step 2: If the truck has bed caps, install the bulkhead seal supplied in the shipping container. Trucks with market bed caps should purchase the bulkhead seal before the installation.

Step 3: Place the side rails along the inner side of the truck. Keep the tailgate closed to ensure a snug fit. The foam should compress on both sides to approximately 50 percent of its original volume. 

Step 4: Attach clamps on either end of the rails. The clamp should be six to seven inches from the edge of the bed. Make sure the teeth align squarely with the grooves for the best results. This step may require applying downward pressure on the rail while tightening the clamps until snug.

Step 5: Repeat steps two through four on the rail on the other side of the truck bed.

Step 6: Place the cover assembly behind the cab with the head seal squarely on top of the bulkhead. 

Step 7: Slide the header guides until they lock into position. You’ll hear a click when the header guides are secure. 

Step 8: Unroll the cover assembly toward the tailgate. Make sure that the edges align with the rails. Once the cover assembly extends the length of the bed, shut the tailgate. If there are wrinkles, pull the material on the necessary sides to ensure the maximum possible coverage.  

Step 9: You can adjust the tension of the tonneau cover by releasing the hook and loop fastener from the side rails near the cab. Check the compression of each spring plunger against the front header, before closing the cover and rechecking the adjustment. TruXedo recommends tension adjustments during the warmest part of the day for the best fit. 


We’ve shared a lot to love about this truck cover in our Truxedo X15 review. It provides outstanding value that holds up under a variety of working and weather conditions. Regardless of your experience with tonneau covers, the TruXedo Pro X15 is worth serious consideration.

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